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Sell Your Home on Lease Purchase

Are you trying to sell your house in the traditional way, using realtors and paying exorbitant commissions and fees?  Haggling and negotiating over every dime and detail? Are you trying to sell by owner, only to find yourself with expensive advertising bills and a house filled with strangers peering into your bedrooms and bathrooms.  Perhaps you’re considering an, “All Cash Today”, offer from one of the local investors, only to discover that you must discount the price thirty percent or more below market value.

            If so, it’s time to consider.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .


 The Lease Purchase Advantage!


As a seller, you can move your property in a short period of time without paying any real estate commissions.


You pay nothing for our services if the Tenant/Buyer does not purchase your house. 

Receive a purchase price at the very top of the market, even in a buyer’s market. Have all closing costs paid by the purchaser. 
Retain all tax benefits of ownership until property is purchased. 

Tenant/Buyers rather than tenants.  They treat your property as if it’s theirs because one day it will be. 
No T’s and T’s, (Tenants and Toilets). 

Tenant/Buyers are responsible for all maintenance and repairs. 
No rent collection problems. 

Your check arrives promptly on or before the first day of every month. 

A Lease Purchase, properly structured, can be quick to complete, stress free to maintain, and most profitable for the homeowner. 

Contact the only Lease Purchase specialist who works for you, the homeowner.  With our experience, and with homeowner favorable contracts to protect your interests, Jon Buy A is prepared to serve your real estate needs, whether you own a $40,000 handyman or a four million dollar estate.  To view our contracts just go to the download section of our website.

Please contact Jonathan Rexford at
772-321-2290 for additional information.

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Tell Us About Your House Now!

Jon Buy A Home
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